Founder Xareli Zepeda

About Us

Passionate about her personal style. Xareli is more than the owner of Glam Dynasty Beauty Academy.

She is the Lead Makeup Artist and Chief Communicator – making sure everyone that comes through the

door or calls knows they are appreciated. It’s her mission to ensure the team keeps pace with what is

going on in the world of makeup and to challenge them to reach their potential.

Background: Xareli began doing makeup when she was 13 years old. She was self-taught and due to her

creativity and humbleness. She has managed to reach many goals in life despite all the struggles she

went thru. At age 21 she became known little by little on social media due to creating one of the biggest

beauty groups on Facebook “ Glam Dynasty” that now has over 184,000+ members. Also to her

teaching live videos on Facebook. Soon she began to have so much support she decided to make the

group into a beauty dynasty for all shapes, colors, and sizes. She has managed to do collaborations with

small Indi companies and big companies as well. She has had much success in sponsorship. Not to

mention the amount of cliental she has had due to her amazing skills. She hopes to pass this on to her

team so they can pass down everything she knows about the makeup industry.

It’s not enough to have comfortable chairs, good lighting, and variety of makeup services and beauty

products. As a beauty academy/ makeup store, it’s about personality and service, and we at Glam

Dynasty Beauty Academy have plenty to go around. From the day the doors open in February 2018

and on., we will work hard to build a reputation and one of the best makeup academy’s around. And

all our hard work and commitment to our customers will pay off- students and customers willsee it in our Beauty academy/

makeup store, see it in our team , and tell by our popularity.